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!Clear, Healthy, Luminous Skin

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Located in wonderful, historic Downtown Leesburg, Virginia, we offer our Be Clear Acne Clearance Program, Advanced, Corrective Skin Therapy and Permanant Hair Reduction treatments in a boutique setting. At Be Luminous Acne Clinic and Skin Therapy our mission is to help you re-build your confidence and the connection between your inner and outer beauty. Our goal is to educate, encourage and partner with you as we work together to correct and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. It is time to feel confident and empowered in your skin. Our Be Clear Acne Program and Advanced Skin Therapy Treatments can get you there!  Let us guide you towards loving your skin again!


How does the Be Clear
Acne Program Work?

The Be Clear Acne Program incorporates bi-monthly progressive professional treatments, carefully selected and regularly adjusted acne-safe products and both internal and external lifestyle changes to get you clear in as little as 3-6 months - all with a professional Acne Specialist coaching you through the process!

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What is Skin Therapy?

Whether it’s correction, prevention and/or maintenance, our results-driven Advanced Skin Therapy Treatments focus on the goal of obtaining healthy, radiant skin that you can be proud of. Skin
Therapy Treatments are partnered with professional home care products and incorporated into a treatment plan just for your individual skin concerns.


Why Work with
A Skin Therapist?

Be Luminous Skin Therapists are highly trained experts that understand skin anatomy/physiology and possess the ability to analyze and recognize various skin conditions. In partnership and with the professional guidance of your Skin Therapist, the right treatments and professional grade products to achieve your skin goals are chosen just for you. End the skincare overwhelm and work with us towards your best, luminous and healthy skin!


What is Permanent Hair Reduction?

We now offer light-based, permanent hair reduction in our clinic, which can safely reduce, with minimal risk, unwanted hair from any part of the face or body! This noninvasive treatment targets hair’s melanin (the part that gives hair its color) which absorbs the light, which turns into heat. The heat damages the follicle (but not the surrounding skin or tissue) and prevents it from producing more hair.

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Real Results

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Client Love Notes

Michelina, I am thankful for you. You always have a way of making me feel and look more beautiful when I walk out than when I came in. I enjoy your positive and calming attitude. You make me feel relaxed and empowered to take care of myself and my skin. Please know that you forever changed my life and I am grateful,


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Client Testimonials

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Finally, end the frustration, shame and low self-esteem that comes with Acne. Regain your skin’s health and your confidence with something that will truly make a difference

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