Permanant Hair Reduction

Hair Free, Care Free

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We offer the newest, most innovative broad-band light-based technology for a reliable and safe method of removing unwanted hair for all genders of all skin colors (does not work on blonde/very light hair). You will see results as soon as your first treatment and more results with each additional treatment as hair growth slows and ultimately halts. On average you will require six to eight sessions to achieve maximum, lasting results. 

Complimentary Consultation

All clients must schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for our hair removal services. During the consultation we will assess your skin and perform a test patch to determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.


Small Areas

Upper Lip, Chin, Sideburns, Half Neck, or Ears

Per Treatment – $100 per area

Package of 6 – $500

Medium Areas

Full Neck, Full Face, Lip + Chin, Bikini, Beard, Half Arm, Under Arm or Shoulders

Per Treatment - $150/area

Package of 6 - $750

Large Areas

Half Leg, Full Arm, Brazilian, Upper Back, or Upper Chest

Per Treatment - $200/area

Package of 6 - $1000

Extra Large Areas

Full Back, Full Chest or Full Legs

Per Treatment - $250/area

Package of 6 - $1250

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