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Awaken Your Skin with Skinwave

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What are the benefits of the Skinwave Treatment?

  • Infuses skin with targeted ingredients
  • Brightens and tightens
  • Enhances lymphatic circulation
  • Exfoliates and Smoothes
  • Hydrates
  • Clears congested skin
  • Reduces redness and inflammation
  • Great for most skin types and all skin tones
  • Zero downtime
  • Can be combined with other treatments for enhanced results

What makes Skinwave different?

The combination of treatment steps makes this a unique, skin awakening experience. Only Skinwave has H2 (Hydrogen) infusion therapy that provides antioxidant, hydration and moisturization benefits, reduces inflammation - restoring your skin’s vitality!

What is involved in the treatment?

An aqua delivery handpiece infuses targeted solutions into the skin to exfoliate and treat while gentle extraction simultaneously removes dirt and other impurities from deep within pores. Hydrogen enriched water in the H2 step is infused into the skin. It reacts with active oxygen in the skin linked to drying and aging. The pulses of the Electroporation handpiece with red and blue LED help to open pores and allow the skin to absorb the hydrogen molecules and other nutrients applied during the treatment. The contouring roller double-lifting handpiece glides over your skin with 360 rotation balls, stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation, massaging the area and providing muscle relaxation, skin tightening and lifting effects. This step feels amazing!

​Who is a candidate for the treatment?

The Skinwave is excellent for all skin types and tones looking to improve overall skin appearance with a smoother complexion, clearer pores and a lifted contour. We perform this treatment primarily on the face, neck and decollete however it can be performed in other areas such as the back or buttocks. This treatment is not advised for severe inflamed (red) acne.

How many treatments will I need?

For most clients a single Skinwave treatment will result in a noticeable improvement in skin texture and hydration, however those that choose to awaken their skin with a Skinwave treatment every 4-6 weeks ensure that cumulative benefits continue on a regular basis. Skinwave can also be combined with other treatments to provide optimal rejuvenating results. Be sure to check out our Be Luminous Signature Therapy!

What should I expect and how should I care for my skin after treatment?

You will leave the clinic with a smooth and healthy glow. Your skin will appear tighter and lifted. You will need to apply sunscreen regularly (after any skin therapy treatment and every day!) Your Skin Therapist will help you to choose products that will enhance and maintain the results of your treatments.

What are the different treatment options and how should I choose?

Your Skin Therapist will assess your skin and your goals to recommend the best treatment for your specific concerns and skin. The Skinwave treatments provide the full experience including all of the benefits of the device plus a bonus LED therapy session with our high powered LED panel! Face and Neck - $250; series of 3 for $650 Face, Neck and Decollete - $350; series of 3 for $900

Skinwave is a brand-new, advanced skin wellness device that cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates and truly awakens your skins natural beauty.

anti-aging, non-invasive treatment device rivals it’s competition with a truly multi-dimensional treatment delivery. An aqua delivery system, Hydrogen therapy, electroporation and a contouring roller to make this treatment more effective and relaxing.  

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