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Be Clear Acne Program

Your Life-changing Journey Starts Here. It’s Finally Time to Start Winning Your Battle With Acne.

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Welcome to the LAST Acne Solution You Will Ever Try!


Most of our clients have been where you are. Product after product, doctor’s visits and drugs that come with harsh and sometimes devastating side effects, silly and possibly dangerous social media hacks and aggressive treatments (sometimes all of the above!) claiming to eliminate Acne have failed them...until now.


What is it?

The Be Clear Acne Program is a unique, holistic, results-driven approach to clearing skin of Acne with the guidance of a professional Acne Specialist. The program is designed for all skin types, colors and genders utilizing strategic, individualized plans to control acne in just 3-6 months.


Our holistic approach not only clears the skin of Acne but also improves the health of the skin, softens the appearance of scarring and reduces or eliminates the pesky spots left from breakouts. Our method has changed the lives of countless individuals as they gain renewed self-esteem that comes with having clear, healthy, luminous skin.


Why work with an Acne Specialist?

An Acne Specialist is a licensed and trained expert, an acne detective, a mentor and a friend on your journey to clear skin. Your Acne Specialist will take the time to get to know you and your skin’s specific challenges to create an individualized treatment plan to get your skin clear and maintain it long-term. Your Acne specialist takes the guesswork out of getting the clear skin that you deserve.


How does it work?

The Be Clear Acne Program is customized just for you. Education and coaching, bimonthly acne treatments,  an acne-safe, professional home care treatment protocol, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, maintenance plan and, most importantly, the guidance of an expert in all things Acne partners with you to achieve the clear, healthy skin you desire and keep it that way.


  • Education and Coaching

Acne is usually a condition that must be managed for life. We teach you the skills to get and stay clear by getting to the bottom of what triggers your acne and giving you the tools to be clear for life! Your Acne Specialist is your coach, cheerleader and mentor through the clearing and maintenance phases of the program.

  • Dietary and Lifestyle Changes

We get to the root cause of your acne by eliminating the most common acne triggers and lowering inflammation in the body through changes to the diet and some simple lifestyle hacks! Acne is almost never triggered by a single thing. It is usually a number of things! You will learn what to avoid to keep breakouts under control.


  • Acne-Safe, Professional Products.

Curated, Professional Products are chosen specifically for YOUR skin type, color and Acne type to help to keep new acne lesions from forming and improve the overall health and appearance of your skin so that you are luminous from the inside out. As your skin acclimates and changes your products are adjusted to keep up with it’s needs to get and stay clear


  • In-office Treatments

Professional Acne treatments are performed every 2 weeks during the clearing phase. Your acne treatments will be customized to your individual needs and may include a combination of enzyme or acne peels with extractions of impacted lesions, and modalities such as high frequency or LED therapy. It is also a time to discuss your progress and make any necessary adjustments to products.


I am ready! How do I get started?

All Be Clear Acne Program clients receive an in-depth skin evaluation and detailed program review at your first appointment where we will determine what type of acne you have and create an individualized treatment plan to get you clear. A thorough intake and skin analysis will determine your skin type, conditions, sensitivities and important lifestyle factors. Test patching of products may be performed to determine what home care regimen is best for your individual skin. You will be educated about the foods, lifestyle choices, and other aggravating factors that may be contributing to your breakouts. We will perform your first Acne Program Treatment consisting of a professional level exfoliation with targeted Acne fighting ingredients and extractions. You will be prescribed a custom home care protocol and given instructions on how to start using your products along with a packet of information for you to take home, which covers the details discussed in the program review. 

  • What types of Acne does it help?
    The Be Clear Acne Program helps all types of acne from mild to severe, inflamed and non-inflamed and even some acne imposters such as pustular rosacea and fungal acne!
  • How long does it take?
    It can take up to 90 days for an acne lesion to form once triggered. The clearing process takes an average of 3-6 months depending on the type of acne you have. Consistently using your home-care protocol, using the recommended supplements and diligently following the program guidelines stops the acne lesions from forming and ensures that you will clear as fast as possible.
  • Does it help Acne scarring?
    The treatments and home care protocols address both clearing acne and reducing dark/red marks left over from breakouts. It can also soften the look of textured scarring, though some may benefit from more advanced scar treatment once they are clear and breakouts are well under control.
  • Can I use my own products and/or prescription acne medications while on the program?
    No. Your Acne Specialist will be choosing and providing specific products from our carefully curated professional lines that are critical in getting you clear and therefore a requirement for participation. Your Acne Specialist will instruct you on a very specific protocol for introducing and using the products that will help to get your skin clear and healthy. Prescription topical medicines or Accutane are not permitted during the program. Topical products will need to be stopped 1-2 weeks prior to treatment. Accutane must be stopped 4-6 months prior to treatment.
  • Why do you adjust the products?
    Every time you come in for a treatment we evaluate your skin and product usage that helps prevent new acne lesions from forming and are keeping the skin clear. These adjustments are critical as the skin changes. Changes in season, changes as skin becomes more healthy and balanced, changes if any other factors such as new medication, health issues or environmental stressors need to be considered. Your Acne specialist will monitor the condition off your skin to ensure that adjustments are made as needed to keep you on the path to clear skin.
  • What happens once I am clear?
    Once you are clear of breakouts and as pigmented scarring continues to heal, we will develop a maintenance plan together. You will maintain your results through use of your acne-safe home care products, regular maintenance treatments and using the tools and knowledge that you have learned while getting clear. Maintenance treatments are recommended at a monthly interval for the first 6 months. After this, every 1-3 months is recommended to maintain your results and keep accountable with the help of your Acne Specialist.
  • What does it cost?
    First Acne Program Treatment and Program Review: Your first appointment will include a detailed skin/acne assessment, Be Clear program overview and the opportunity to ask any questions pertaining to the information provided. Your first Acne treatment will then be performed. Your acne-fighting home care regimen (products sold separately) will be carefully chosen and the routine explained. Expect to spend about 90 minutes at your first appointment. Cost of First Appointment: $185 Bi-weekly and Maintenance Treatments: Mild enzyme exfoliants and/or progressive, corrective peels are used to boost the home care, clear breakouts and lighten spots along with extractions of existing acne. Cost of treatments: $110/ea face, chest or shoulders; $150/ea back or arms Your initial home care regimen will cost approximately $180 - $280 depending on the products necessary to start clearing your acne. You will replenish and replace product as you run out or your regimen needs to change as your skin can handle stronger products or needs other adjustments. Products are always sold separately. Products last 2-3 months on average, however to keep the skin clearing we may adjust to stronger products sooner than a product runs out. Please note that we do not accept insurance, however some clients have been able to successfully submit their receipts to their flexible spending providers.
  • Who is a good candidate?
    You are a candidate if: You are done with the embarrassment and anxiety that can come from chronic acne conditions You have tried everything including topical medications, infomercial and MLM products, internet hacks and nothing has worked long-term or at all You want not only clear skin but healthy, glowing skin and the tools to maintain it! You are ready and committed to clear your acne, even if you’ve been trying for years without success You can have patience! Clearing your skin is a process and you must trust in the process to achieve the results you deserve You want clear skin and are willing to make some lifestyle changes and follow the program guidelines religiously! You are NOT a candidate if: You aren't fully committed to clearing your acne You are looking for a magic bullet, overnight solution. (PS This doesn't exist by the way!) You are not someone that can have patience and trust the process You are unable or unwilling to perform a skincare regimen morning and night You are not able to attend regularly scheduled appointments You are not willing to make changes that will put you on the path to clear skin or follow the coaching advice and program guidelines
  • I am still not sure if it is right for me. Can I talk to someone?
    Of course! You can book a Be Clear Acne Program consultation with an Acne Specialist who can answer any additional questions you may have before you get started.
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Be Clear! Be confident! Be Luminous!

Say Goodbye to Acne!

Tried it all? Nothing works or works long term? You’ve come to the right place. Be Luminous Acne Clinic and Skin Therapy offers a customized, holistic solution to clearing all types of teen and adult acne in all ethnicities and genders.

Our Be Clear Acne Program educates and provides those suffering from acne with
the tools to get and keep clear, healthy, luminous skin for life.

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