For a limited time Be Luminous Acne Clinic & Skin Therapy is offering an 16-week 'Give Acne the Boot' Camp version of our BE CLEAR Acne Program at an amazing savings. This intensive, completely customized plan requires 100% commitment to following all of the program guidelines. The results will be 100% worth it. You will have clearer, healthier skin without harsh and dangerous medications. The life-changing results will blow you away! This exclusive Boot Camp is available to a limited number of participants for a limited time so don't miss out!

Our new 'Give Acne the Boot' Camp program combines professional, clinical-grade products that are customized for your type of skin and acne, professional,bi-monthly treatments enhanced with LED Light Therapy and personalized coaching to teach you the skills to get clear and stay clear! Our program can work for every age, gender, acne type and skin type if you are committed to following all of the program guidelines from day one! 

Invest in your skin. You deserve it! The program cost is ONLY $999 ($1550+ value). With a savings of $500+, there’s no reason to delay achieving your goal of clear, healthy skin and the knowledge and tools to maintain it for life!

This program is for you if:

  • You are done with the embarrassment and anxiety that can come from chronic acne conditions

  • You have tried everything including topical medications, infomercial and MLM products, internet hacks and nothing has worked long-term or at all

  • You want not only clear skin but healthy, glowing skin and the tools to maintain it!

  • Ready and committed to clear your acne, even if you’ve been trying for years without success

  • Patient! Clearing your skin is a process and you must trust in the process to achieve the results you deserve

  • Willing to make significant dietary and lifestyle changes and follow the program guidelines religiously!

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You aren't fully committed to clearing your acne

  • You are looking for a magic bullet, over-night solution. (PS This doesn't exist by the way!)

  • You are not able to attend regularly scheduled appointments

  • You are not willing to make changes that will put you on the path to clear skin or follow the coaching advice and program guidelines


Our 'Give Acne the Boot' Camp Program includes:


Detailed Program Review + 8 Treatments: 2 per month for 4 months ($790 value)
At your first appointment we will go over all of the guidelines of the program and answer any questions you may have. We will also choose your customized product regimen and perform your first treatment. At each appointment we will analyze your skin and determine the best treatment protocol, either a mild corrective peel or a hydrating enzyme treatment, for your skin. All treatments include extractions.


8 LED Sessions ($400 value)

Our professional grade LED Light Therapy treatment combines blue and red LED light. This combo provides anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging benefits and improves texture and skin tone, helping to fade spots and calm the skin after extractions. 

8 High Frequency Sessions ($120 value)
High Frequency enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, aids in eliminating toxins and reduces bacteria on and inside of the skin.


Professional Acne Product Starter Kit (up to $205 value)
Your customized home care product starter kit includes cleanser, toner, serum, hydrator, moisturizer, acne med and sun protection. Your products should last approximately 8-12 weeks. As your run out of products and/or we increase strengths you will be responsible for purchasing additional products.( Please note that we will increase the strength of active products (serums/acne med) as tolerated and appropriate for your skin through the program to facilitate the clearing process)

Professional skincare coaching by a Licensed Master Esthetician and Certified Acne Specialist to guide and encourage you on your way to healthy, clear skin


Acne clearing/acne-safe nutrition & lifestyle guidelines, tips and self-care product recommendations


An extra 10% off of Hydro-extraction enhancement treatments

Special Program Completion Prize – ($40 value)
Once you successfully complete your 4 month program:

1) Write your acne story

2) Follow and Review us on google & facebook

3) Post your before and after photos on your instagram and facebook stories and posts, tag @beluminousskin

You’ll receive one of our amazing acne safe facial masks to help maintain your clear skin!

You'll also receive an extra 10% off of Program Maintenance treatments and Advanced Skin Therapy treatments such as Nanoneedling, Microdermabrasion or advanced peels (if appropriate and recommended for your skin)!


Program Price: $999 (over $1550 value)

*Not valid with other offers. Payment of $999 is due at first appointment. Payment plan option available for $1050 total – $600 due at 1st appointment, then $150 due at appointments 2-4. Appointments expire after 6 months from first program purchase date. No refunds.

**No shows to scheduled appointments will result in forfeiture of appointment. Late cancellations inside of 24-hour weekday and 48-hour weekend notice are subject to forfeiture or fees as defined in our cancellation policy.

Book your consultation today before time runs out on this amazing opportunity!

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