Our holistic Acne Program utilizes strategic, individualized plans to control your acne through specific home care products, dietary/lifestyle adjustments and in-office treatments. This system has an over 95% success rate for individuals who follow the treatment plan and program guidelines!​


All Acne Program clients receive an in-depth program review at your first treatment where we will determine what type of acne you have and an individualized treatment plan to get you clear. A thorough health intake and skin analysis will determine your skin type, conditions, and sensitivities. Test patching of products may be performed to determine what home care regimen is best for your individual skin. You will be educated about the foods, lifestyle choices, and other aggravating factors that may be contributing to your breakouts. You will be prescribed a custom home care regimen and given instructions on how to start using your products along with a packet of information for you to take home, which cover the details discussed in the program review. 


If you choose to go forward with the Acne Program your initial home care regimen will cost approximately $180 - $200. Professional home care products customized to your skin type and acne are critical in getting you clear and therefore a requirement for the Acne Program. Your home care products will be adjusted as needed to keep you on the path to clear skin.

Your acne treatments will be customized to your individual needs and may include a combination of enzyme or acne peels, extractions of impacted lesions, and modalities such as high frequency or LED therapy.  

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Acne Program Consultation $50

Still not sure if our program is right for you? Schedule this 30 minute consultation where you will get an overview of the program, skin analysis and have the opportunity to ask questions of our Master Esthetician/Acne Specialist. 


First Treatment + In-depth Acne Program Review $165

Ready for clear skin? Together we will review the program details, homecare regimen and perform your first treatment.

Acne Program Treatments Face or Chest $95; Back or Arms (Keratosis Pilaris) - $125

A Progressive Peel or Hydrating Enzyme Treatment with extractions as needed

(Must be enrolled in the Acne Program)

LED Therapy - $50

LED Therapy provides anti-inflammatory, anti-aging benefits and improves texture and skin tone, helping to fade spots and calm the skin after extractions.


High Frequency - $15

High Frequency enhances blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes healing, aids in eliminating toxins and reduces bacteria on and inside of the skin.


Additional Extraction Time - $25

Have lots of blackheads/clogged pores? Add an additional 15 minutes to your treatment to tackle them!

Hydro-Extractions  $25

Hydro-Extractions are exceptional at addressing congested skin (clogged pores) without the discomfort of traditional extraction methods. The use of a special hydro-wand and liquid solution remove oil/debris and smaller impactions and loosen larger blackheads for easier manual removal. Highly recommended!